Atelier Nutrition « Spécial Ados  » en anglais

Vendredi 10 juin – 18h00-19h30


Teens and Food

Would you like your teenager to understand more about how to eat well?  With hands-on activities about food, this session will explore what makes a good meal, how to make a favourite meal better and plan a day’s menu – ending with a very simple meal, this workshop will guide them through simple principles of eating well.
UK Registered Nutritionist, Lynn Burns, who has many years experience of working with young people, will lead the atelier.  The session will be in English, giving your teen a chance to practice their English at the same time.
The session will last 1hr 30mins.
Pour toute question, vous pouvez également nous joindre au 06 16 42 03 88 !

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